Singles Night: Over Fifties

written and performed by Holly Kavanagh

Edinburgh Fringe - 2010

A character piece set in a Yorkshire pub and narrated by young barmaid, Gemma. Follow a typical evening with loved regulars; Joan, Mr Gill, and King of Northern Soul, Jimmy. An affectionate look at these characters' lives, lighthearted, comic and warm. If you've ever been single, a music lover, or found yourself on the dance floor with your only direction in life being a steady one back to the bar, come see. Everyone welcome!

15:45 - 7-28th August (not Tuesdays) - 50 minutes

Venue: Kiwi Bar @ Walkabout (details)

Tickets Free

"Holly Kavanagh. Diminutive in size, Holly is a powerhouse on stage" - Radio St Austell Bay

"Holly Kavanagh, making a very promising debut for Miracle (Theatre), is delightful as Orgon's frightened daughter. Her attempted suicides - smothered with a cushion and hanged by a ribbon - are superb, while her expressions of coyness, indignation and sheer bafflement are extremely well judged." - Western Morning News